The Veteran



The Peacock completes its fifth edition at the golden anniversary of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), and my warrant to write this piece comes from the arithmetic detail that Ive been a part of ‘this unique team for four of these five endearing years. I can vividly recollect the morning I walked into a room on the ground floor of the annex to the Maquinez Palace. The room was dominated by a gentle giant as he proceeded with a meeting before the team dispersed into the crowds. But then, on that first morning, one was unaware that these group meetings would turn into morning rituals, recces that formed the nucleus of how the dynamic team would work through the day to create your favourite festival daily newspaper.
This year, it is heartening to see The Peacock perched near all avenues and screens from the first show of the day. The first year, each team member would pick up wrapped parcels of newspapers piled near the entrance, which were then distributed to designated spots by writers, photographers and the editorial team themselves, proudly carried like a new-born in the arms of the mother. It was also a proud moment for The Peacock family when the kid emerged as the official publication for the Entertainment Society of Goa.
With this recognition has come some small perks like a proper office, and facilitated support for the team to aim at improving every day. Though we sail a short distance every year with just nine issues per edition, all hands are on board and the masts fly taut with pride in the team work. The heavy load of anticipated perfection in each issue keeps us grounded into camaraderie. Even as the team metamorphizes every year, it manages to acquire a glimmering sheen of honest friendships and familial care. Someone will bring in home-made goodies for everyone, and some will make coffee for those working late.
Things change every year, but some are constant, starting with the stream of confused film-goers who wander into The Peacock office every year, not matter the location, to enquire about festival passes and film tickets. When someone near the edge of the amoebic workspace quietly informs them of their mistake, often these wayward souls stay behind to congratulate the team and wave or paper in their hands like a trophy. Every validation leaves us with a flutter of pride for being a part of this determined team, and sustains us through the months that the festival screens go dark, in anticipation of lighting up for IFFI all over again next year.



Illustration by Oriana Fernandez. You can follow her work on

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