I come to IFFI to get ideas for my work and gain more knowledge on script writing from countries across the world.
Menino Mario Araujo
Tiatrist, Goa
I see all films as works of art on a screen. I love all the art films by Shabana Azmi and Sharmila Tagore which have also had an influence on my own work.
Anita Kubal
Painter, Goa
The movies at IFFI this year are more interesting than the previous ones. I loved Rafaela. I got the chance to discuss Konkani films and Goan culture with film professionals.
Dr Minal Joshi Actress, Goa
The masterclasses are the best part of IFFI. I liked the atmosphere and the performances in Clara Sola. Titane, the winner at Cannes, is another film I hope to watch.
Dinesh Anant Filmmaker, Mumbai
It’s been a good surprise that my film The Night Belongs to Lovers was selected for the festival. My film is very ‘French’ so I’m very excited and curious to see how it is received by Indian audiences.
Julien Hilmoine
Filmmaker, France
This is a well-executed festival. I enjoyed watching the sports films. I got a glimpse into different cultures and what people in other countries go through.
Smita Soni Director of
It doesn’t feel like a festival. I can’t see anybody’s face because of the masks and the pandemic. It just seems like a strange business event unlike the previous years.
Jayn Mangad
Filmmaker, Kerala
I’ve learned a lot from the Masterclasses. I watched 21st Tiffin and enjoyed the simplicity of it. I think everyone should watch it.
Khushi Garg
Theatre Actor, Faridabad
I come here just to watch the Korean, Iranian, and Chinese films. They are so different from the Indian films. If it wasn’t for IFFI I wouldn’t get a chance to see these films.
Shabana Motwani
Housewife, Goa
The city looks so beautiful; everything is sparkling. I want to spend more time on the street at night. Our film Talendanda is premiering at IFFI.
Mangala N.
Theatre Practitioner, Bangalore
I’m running a movement called Kolhiwood and this is a good place to connect with upcoming South Indian filmmakers. I enjoyed the Kannada film 1978 which was very realistic.
Umesh Deokar
Filmmaker, Kolhapur
I really enjoyed Promises which is a very simple but powerful movie. I’m looking forward to watching the murder mystery thriller Hinterland.
Mukta Mathur
Data Consultant, Mumbai
I teach French, so I hope to watch French films at the festival. Sitting with kindred souls who laugh and gasp at the same things on the screen is a wonderful experience.
Jayashree Jagannatha
Teacher, Mysore
I think Lamb is a terrific film. I enjoyed the surrealism. Overall, the movie selection was not very good, especially in the Indian Panorama section.
Pradhu P.
Film Student, Kerala
Our film Manikbabur Megh is being screened at IFFI, and audiences have loved it. There should have been more interviews and photographs at our red carpet.
Monalisa Mukherji
Producer, Mumbai
One of my older films Joymoti is being screened here. I’ve seen three Indian Panorama films. They’re all in different genres but they tell great stories about the North East.
Manju Borah
Filmmaker, Assam
My film Manikbabur Megh is about loneliness and a man who falls in love with a cloud. It is a kind of story that is very rare in Indian filmmaking.
Chandan Sen
Actor, Kolkata
IFFI is a wonderful experience to interact with movie buffs and people who have committed themselves to films. I’m really looking forward to my Masterclass.
Sab John Edathattil
Screenwriter, Chennai
I’m glad the films are available to watch virtually and physically. IFFI has done a great job of maintaining the joyful spirit of the festival even during the pandemic.
Nirupama Santhosh
Film Curator, Chennai
This year it’s been hard to get tickets. I enjoyed the opening film, but I feel like the selection for the Indian Panorama category was not up to the standard.
Ramamohan I.
Retired Nurse, Kerala
I’m trying to find like-minded professionals who can work with me. I want to learn more about cinematography so that I can create better videos for my music.
Shivam Jadon
Content Writer, Gurgaon
This is an amazing festival for film professionals. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced person for the industry, you get the best exposure here.
Shruti Pattnayak
P.R Manager, Orissa
It’s been a wonderful opportunity to watch unique films like 1000 Dreams which is a low budget film in black and white, with a great concept.
Avindhya S.
Filmmaker, Belgaum
I feel like the film selection isn’t up to the mark. They should inform us about changes and delays in advance and make better arrangements for transport.
Rani Bemenon
Scientist, Mysore
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