The decor at IFFI has really improved over the years. It’s nice to see the crowds have increased since the last festival. We’ve taken a lot of care to follow safety protocols because of the pandemic.
Trupti Naik
Accountant, ESG, Goa
It’s been great to work with the creative teams and see how the festival comes together behind the scenes. The highlight of my week has been seeing Manoj Bajpayee from Family Man.
Pratik Naik Graphic Designer, ESG
The best part of my job was being present for the speeches by the directors and actors of the films. I’ve been able to meet a lot of creative people from different countries.
Shiuli Veluskar Awards Presentation Team, ESG, Goa
We get quite a few absurd questions and some people can be quite rude. We had the opportunity to watch a couple of amazing films like A Higher Law and The Great Wall.
Aaron Franco
Call Center & Help Desk, Goa
It’s been a whole new learning experience, it’s interesting to see how hectic it is behind the scenes. You have to be really flexible about your working hours and have a strong work ethic.
Shreeya Kudchadkar
P.R Department, Margao
Every year we try to introduce something new and correct our mistakes. Our aim is to make the festival more interesting and get more delegates who can enjoy themselves.
Vaibhav Kurdikar Administration & Marketing, Margao
I’ve been working here since 2015. Every year feels the same. My job stayed the same even during the pandemic. We don’t get any time to watch films at the festival, we’re always busy.
Manjita Manoj Paiginkar
Office Assistant (H.R), Quepem
I’m a life skill coach, I do team building workshops and I’m a master of ceremonies. I love watching films and that’s the main attraction of working with IFFI.
Sushant Surlakar Anchor, Margao
As anchors we have to be prepared 24×7 to deal with last minute changes. We have to act as mediators between the audiences and the guests in case there are delays.
Elias Fernandes Anchor, Talaulim
I began working with IFFI in 2012. Over the years we’ve improved our infrastructure. We handle the backend. I joke with my team that if we unplug a single cable we could shut down IFFI.
Vivian De Souza IT Professional, Aldona
Sometimes we have a lot of aggressive delegates so that is a little challenging to handle. I like interacting with the delegates, especially senior citizens.
Vijaykumar Yadav
Team Leader (Ticketing Department), Mala
I distribute The Peacock to delegates every day and it’s great to see their reactions to the different artworks on the covers and hear so many positive reviews about it.
Nachiket Shetty Marketing team, ESG, Goa
In spite of the pandemic and restrictions, the festival has been smooth sailing this year. It’s always very exciting to meet the celebrities and attend the opening and closing ceremonies.
Krutika Vadkar
HR Team, Goa
I began working here in February, 2016. Since last year the festival has been hybrid. We have 14 digital media, 2 radio channels, 8 local TV channels and around 17 newspapers to take care of.
Vrundawan Raikar P.R Department, Fatorda
It’s been fun to work with the IFFI team across all departments to bring the festival together. The biggest challenge for me was coordinating taxis and making sure they arrive before the invitees.
Runali Naik Transport Coordinator, ESG, Goa
The workload for the technical team has increased a lot in these last few years. There’s a lot of last minute troubleshooting and we’re always getting calls from different departments.
Parshuram Naik
Technician, Panjim
I manage the call center as well as the help desk, a team of 30. The first few days are hectic because delegates and senior citizens have trouble registering. This is my eighth year at IFFI.
Vaibhavi Lanjekar Team Leader (Help Desk), Mapusa
I’ve worked here for three years. I don’t get a chance to watch films here, but I like watching movies at home. My favorite actor is Salman Khan.
Sameer S. Naik Security Guard, Goa
The questions we get are sometimes relevant and sometimes baffling. Some people are grateful and others just insult you on the phone.
Penny Niranjan Call Center & Help Desk, Panjim
In the past two years the website is stable despite having more than 15 or 16000 unique visitors and millions of hits every day. My work is quite relaxed but when there’s an issue it gets intense.
Aditya Parab
Web Developer, Porvorim
This experience has given me exposure in hosting events and more confidence in overcoming stage fright. I enjoyed introducing the films, directors, and actors to audiences.
Tejeswa Naik Event Anchor, Goa
This year we have an app. Some senior citizens were not very happy with the idea of digital tickets, but I think most of the response has been positive.
Akshay Chopdekar Ticketing Manager, Panjim
It is lovely to see so much unity among people who love films from all over India. I hope that IFFI will continue to encourage more Konkani films and supports young Goan artists.
Bharati B Pai Deputy Director of Accounts, ESG, Goa
The delegates have been very nice and I’ve learnt a lot from interacting with people. My favourite part of the festival is the decor and the paintings in the art gallery.
Harsh Valaulikar Ticketing Team, Goa
It was great to meet so many delegates who are so passionate about films and to help them with booking shows. They were all pleasant to interact with, one of them even gave us chocolates!
Samiksha Asnodkar
Ticketing Team, Goa
This is my first year working for IFFI; my sister works here as well. I enjoy films like The Truman Show, The Butterfly Effect and Shutter Island. I don’t like typical love stories.
Dinesh Kutiyal Help Desk, Porvorim
This is my first year at IFFI and the environment is very chilled out. The workload is also a lot less. I enjoy Bollywood and Ranbir Kapoor is my favorite actor.
Madhuri Chapke Transportation & Hospitality, Caranzalem
I’ve been working with IFFI since 2004 when Parrikar was our Chief Minister; this is my 18th year. I’ve presented films in almost every auditorium, including Ravindra Bhavan in Margao.
Jesus Ribeiro Anchor, Panjim
Working at IFFI has been great. It’s been a great learning experience on how to deal with problems and questions nobody is going to prepare you for.
Simray Singh Call Centre Correspondent, ESG, Goa
We had a few hurdles in the beginning of the festival but now things are running smoothly. Over the past six years we’ve switched to digital tickets and it helps us save paper.
Rohit Naik
Web & Social Media, Fatorda
I’ve been working here for 20 years. I like films a lot. Maherchi Sadi is my favorite film and Shah Rukh Khan is my favorite actor.
Vatsala (Aai)
ESG Staff, Goa
I like the bright colors, and being in an environment where everyone is working so hard. There are fewer people this year because of the pandemic, but nothing can stop the people who are really enthusiastic.
Mayank Sharma IT Professional, Porvorim

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