I met so many amazing young and younger team members while working to create The Peacock afresh each day. I am an organisational consultant so the process of getting the work done is as important to me as the celebration of the product that the work produces. Not only am I energized by the beauty of each newspaper that we put together, I am much more in awe of the beauty with which the team took responsibility with a leader who tunes-in to his gut and takes a gentle yet decisive no-nonsense approach. At the same time, I was able to see how each member led themselves to deliver what they were working towards. Following with responsibility is a kind of leadership too.


I have worked in so many groups, project-oriented ones as well. I have to say with a sense of objective adoration that I have rarely worked in a group that is able to be work-focused in an uncluttered way as The Peacock team did. Working in groups may bring out so many of our anxieties and dynamics – there are the flight and fight responses and there are the floaters who do not wish to pull their weight, there are attempts to turn the leader into a father or a mother, or in extreme circumstances even to destroy the leader, there are jealousies, enactments of unprocessed oedipal issues, the need for inclusion and the need to be made to feel valued, the anxiety ridden need to pair up to feel confident and there are various other creatively destructive fangs that come from insecurities of different types. The way of The Peacock was one that drew out excellence from each team member. It is worthy of applause. It brought to focus the goodness of each one of us as human beings.

I am enjoying the sense of being connected to my various homes in Goa, Manipur, and London through The Peacock. While a lot of us feel that we belong nowhere and this might be a good thing, the sense of being at home everywhere is something I am inculcating now. The synergy and synchronicity that I have experienced over the last few days has been joyful for me. There is one moment that was has the essence of the interconnections I have been feeling working in the team at The Peacock. I arrived in office wearing a Kunbi saree and I found out that the cover of the newspaper that day had a Kunbi saree as one of its main motifs. This could be set aside as a simple co-incidence but it is also an articulation of the way in which we begin to share a mind while sharing some work that we put our hearts into. Grateful for this experience.


Illustration by Oriana Fernandez. You can follow her work on

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