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Qube Wire is a self-service, single-window system for global theatrical distribution. With a simple but comprehensive user interface, distributors can manage their digital cinema assets, assign territorial rights for their content and have their Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and keys (Key Delivery Messages or KDMs) delivered to movie theatres across the world. Theatres can manage their own digital cinema device details and access their Universal Inbox on the Qube Wire service as well.

Pulz Electronics Ltd. develops and manufactures audio systems and solutions that capitalize on the emergence of Point Source Technology and Line Source based speaker systems for the cinema, pro audio, studio and home audio industries. Pulz manufacturers an array of world class products specifically designed to cater to object based and channel based immersive audio formats. The Research and Development team at Pulz have created numerous path breaking advances in audio technologies like IsoWave, WaveDrive and DPT.  These technologies are used across the content chain from studios to exhibitions ensuring faithful and high quality reproduction as intended by the content creator.

Moviebuff offers an exhaustive database of movie, cast and crew information aimed at consumers, content creators and exhibitors. It is a powerful platform to promote movies and sell music as well as a platform to curate content and aggregate user feedback. All the information on Moviebuff is available using an API for use in movie-related websites.

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, founded in 1916 is a global professional association, of engineers, technologists, and executives working in the media and entertainment industry.An internationally recognized standards organization, SMPTE has more than 800 Standards, Recommended Practices, and Engineering Guidelines for broadcast, filmmaking, digital cinema, audio recording, information technology (IT), and medical imaging.

Cinionic is transforming cinema, providing comprehensive WOW entertainment solutions to movie exhibitors across the globe. We help turn imagination into reality and ensure peace of mind for our customers by offering innovative services and flexible use of capital for a new era. Combining the technology expertise and heritage of our partners, Cinionic powers exceptional experiences across the entire theater to engage visitors at multiple touchpoints in their cinema journey. Cinionic is a joint venture among Barco, Appotronics, and CFG, with offices in the United States, Belgium, Hong Kong and Mexico. Visit www.cinionic.com and follow us on TwitterLinkedInFacebook or YouTube for more info.

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