Lost in Dystopia



Feirames, the playwright, took me to a high precipice that overlooked a vast, uninhabited landscape, and made me stand on the edge of a cliff. I gazed down nervously into the bottomless chasm below. He proclaimed, “Let us see, Young Wryter, if you can distinguish between real and reel life. Would you really be able to tell the difference?” Without warning, he pushed me and I fell into the pitch-black darkness.

I know not for how long the drop was, but a splash of water broke my fall. I swam to the surface only to find myself in a dimly lit room. There were two men in lab coats tinkering with an automaton. The man on the left exclaimed, “We are this close to bringing her to life. We will succeed where everyone else failed!” The second man flipped a giant switch on a console, causing current to pass through the gynoid’s body. Shortly after, her eyes were open and illuminated. Both the men jumped for joy, “We have done it! Lo and behold our creation!” Suddenly, all went dark.

When the light returned, I was transported to the middle of a long and winding highway in some remote arid region. I could see a small plume of smoke along the side of the road. I ran over and found a lonely man loading a shotgun and fixing his armour. Behind him was the source of the smoke – an overturned vehicle with a couple of men lying sprawled across the ground. They appeared to be dead or perhaps they were just sleeping. The lone ranger did not say a word, but his eyes were filled with emotion. He noticed me and offered me a lift into the next town. He said, “You are not from these parts, stranger.” I nodded, “I only wish to return to whence I came.”

The ranger dropped me off in a futuristic city with tall skyscrapers and flashing billboards. There were flying vehicles zooming across the sky. I was drawn towards a particular street with neon lights and saw a man alight from a light craft carrier. He immediately saw me, beckoning me over. He asked, “How would you like to make a quick buck?” I replied, “No thanks. I am good. I think I will pass.” He held onto my shoulder, “I know you were sent by them to keep an eye on me. In any case, no hard feelings.” He put a pair of visors on my face. Immediately, my feet left the ground and I felt myself being pulled backwards.

I hit a wall and the dreaded visors fell off. I could see a man in a black suit examining something in the air. He announced, “You are just in time. I have much to teach you and so little time in which to do it.” After completing my training with the man in black, I was sent into a portal that cut through time and space. I had landed in the middle of an intense battle between a samurai and a demon. The warrior was reaching out for a sword on the ground. I slid the blade towards him. Soon, the demon met a bitter end and was no more.

Ten days had come to pass since this series of bizarre events. I was no longer the same person I was before. I had changed. On to the next great adventure!


Illustration by Oriana Fernandez. You can follow her work on instagram.com/oriana_fernandez_/

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