The Goan Story – A Konkani Film Package – IFFI 2019

The 50th International Film Festival of India, 2019 will witness over 200 films from 76 countries, 26 feature films and 15 non feature films in Indian panorama section. More than 10,000 people and film lovers are expected to attend and will participate in the golden jubilee edition.
Notable Films from the host state of IFFI 2019, Goa, are showcased through the ‘The Goan Story’ Section where film enthusiasts can experience the rise of Konkani Film Industry and the impact it has on the film in the country.
Goa, the Konkan paradise, has been Indian cinema’s apple of the eye when it comes to breathtaking film locations. But, the beautiful state has more than what meets the eye. The films produced here are not usually spoken about as much as the mainstream cinemas. They have recently started to gain importance among film buffs and connoisseurs around the country and even the world.
These movies feature major issues relevant to the state of Goa, Amori showcases how people working for the betterment of society often face resistance from various quarters along with the negligence of the ecosystems. ‘Digant’ (Infinite’) takes the viewers on the journey of a homeless boy from the Dhangar tribe, a neglected and backward shepherd community of Goa. The film shows how the boy from the tribe defies all odds and grows up to become an architect in the big city.

The complete list of films featured in this category:

  • A rainy day
  • Amori
  • Digant
  • Juze
  • K Sera Sera
  • Paltadacho Munnis

The 2019 Golden Jubilee edition of the International Film Festival of India is to be held from the 20th of November till the 28th at Panjim, Goa.The festival will see a variety of films in many languages from all around the world coming together under a single roof. The rest of the movies under the different Film Sections are soon to be released.