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8 Delegates share their experiences at IFFI 2017

The past 8 days has seen some of the best cinemas in display from all across the World, saw the presence of Film Stars, masterclasses and open forums of highly experienced filmmakers and other personalities. As we come near to the end of this epic film festival we thought to ask some of the delegates about their experiences of this great festival.

“We are students of Mass Media and this is our first time at IFFI and till now our experience has been splendid. The Movie ‘Candelaria’ was simply amazing. Another film called ‘Angel White’ was also great. I think this festival has enlightened my friends with different concepts that is missing in some of the contemporary cinemas and we feel blessed that we came here.”   -Johan & Navin, CNC Institute, Kerala


“Coming here was the best thing i did. I got the exposure of films of other languages which is not easily accessible. I understood the differences between Bollywood and foreign language films. The foreign language films are more expressive and blunt. The film ‘Heart of Madness’ is the most touching film that i’ve come across in this festival. In short this festival was ‘Soul enriching’.”   -Riddhi Yadav, Teacher & Theatre Student, Ahmedabad


“I am an upcoming actress and i love coming to IFFI. It’s ambience is simply amazing and electrifying. I find it very interesting to attend the various workshops & masterclasses. Listening to the experts and engaging them with discussions was truly a memorable experience. Mukesh Chhabra’s masterclass was very enriching.”  -Maya Kalsi, Konkani Actress, Goa



“I’m a Producer and it’s important for me to attend IFFI. For the last 5 days i watched around 20 films and right now i’m kinda going through Cinema fatigue (laughs). I liked the fact that this time the festival had a collection of films from Cannes and Sundance film festivals.”    -Sonali Ghosh, Producer, Mumbai


“Since 2015 i have been coming to IFFI and every year it has been getting bigger and better. I watched the opening film ‘Beyond the Clouds’ and i must say that it’s kind of a movie that has so much use of emotions. It’s a must watch.”   -Sruthi Mohan, Hyderabad




“This Festival is very pleasant and has a range of diverse films from all kinds of genres. I’m proud to see french films as i belong from France. It’s good to see all cine-lovers under one roof and i hope to stay here till the end of the festival.”   -Slimani Amin, France


“This is probably my 5th Festival. I’m a complete Cine buff and i found the package of Cinema World very interesting. Trust me i do not miss a single minute of the film. IFFI is altogether a wonderful festival and i thoroughly enjoy it. IFFI is positive for me.”   -Akil Bungalowala, Goa


“For me IFFI is complete solace. I work almost most of the time and it’s during IFFI i find a personal space where i can just be me for myself. I feel Goa the best host for this festival. It adds so much into it and most of the people do enjoy coming here.”      -Dr. Geeta Nagvenkar, Goa



The Concluding Ceremony will see the likes of Actors like Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Akshay Kumar and Siddharth Malhotra. Do share your experiences and pictures on all social media by using #IFFI2017