Dan Wolman to receive the Lifetime achievement award at IFFI 2018

Creating cinematic wonders isn’t an easy task and not anyone can to so, which is why each year at IFFI a Lifetime Achievement Award is given out to a particular individual for their contributions to the world of cinema. These individuals are masters of their art and their passion for filmmaking bleeds out onto the film reel, creating cinematic works of art. 

This year, at the 49th edition of the International Film Festival of India, Israeli director and writer Dan Wolman will be bestowed with the Lifetime Achievement Award and along with that, some of his best work shall be showcased for you to see.

Wolman’s films have been screened at various prestigious film festivals around the world and his movies have received high praise and acclimation by a plethora of film critics. He manages to beautifully capture human emotions on screen by exploring his character’s dilemmas. Israeli culture is always prevalent in his movies and his work has pushed Israeli cinema forward by leaps and bounds, helping it reach an international platform.

His work covers a wide range of genres from commercial and comedy to personal and meaningful ones that talk about serious and controversial issues. His first two movies ‘The Dreamer’ and ‘Floch’ dealt with the plight of the elderly and in the movies ‘Tied Hands’ and ‘Hide and Seek’ he explores the topic of homosexuality.

Over the years Wolman has collected a multitude of awards and nominations for his phenomenal work, from a “Lifetime achievement award” at Jerusalem International film festival and “The Silver Hugo” award at the Chicago International Film Festival to the “Arik Einstein prize” for his achievements and contribution to Israeli cinema and culture. In 2016 Dan Wolman bagged  “The Ophir Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Israeli film Academy.

The 49th edition of IFFI shall be held from the 20th to the 28th of November 2018 in Panjim , Goa. Each year the International Film Festival of India gets bigger and better with a number of national and international stars in attendance and premiers and screenings of all the best movies around the world. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch these films along with masterclasses and panel discussions, sign up as a delegate today!


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