Pablo César’s film on Rabindranath Tagore to close IFFI 2017

IFFI 2017 Closing Film - Thinking of Him

The Indo- Argentine film by Filmmaker Pablo César’s set to be the closing movie of IFFI 2017. The film Thinking of Him, which revolves around the relationship of legendary poet and intellectual Rabindranath Tagore, played by Victor Banerjee, will be screened at IFFI on the 28th of November.The film captures the magic of Rabindranath Tagore’s relationship with Argentine feminist, writer and activist Victoria Ocampo in a brilliant manner.

The movie has scenes in both B&W and Colour. The black and white scenes portray the life of Tagore and his time spent with Ocampa who is played by the talented Eleonora Wexler. The color portions of the movie follows Felix, a geography teacher who becomes fascinated by Tagore’s work and travels to Shantiniketan to learn more about him. 

Hector Bordoni plays Felix while Raima Sen plays Kamali, a young woman whom Felix meets on his journey.

“This film is not about what you and I think of Tagore. It is about what she [Ocampo] thought of Tagore and what Argentine people think of him,” Victor Banerjee had said in an interview in 2016. Pablo César conceived the idea of making the film back in 2008.

This is not director Pablo César’s first time at IFFI. In 1994, he was invited to screen his 3rd feature film ‘Grey Fire’. For this years edition of IFFI, he is coming back with his 11th film that is close to the heart of every Indian. The film will be screened after the red carpet closing ceremony on the 28th of November.