Issue 06

PAGE 08: “Concentracion! Concentracion!”

“CONCENTRACIÓN! CONCENTRACIÓN!” By Dr. Luis Dias Karnawal (2020), directed by Argentinean Juan Pablo Félix (this is his debut film), is so many things: a coming-of-age story, an insightful peek into malambo (the unique folkloric but refined masculine dance that is “percussive while uniting speed, passion and precision”) of the gauchos (the iconic cowboys in his …

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PAGE 05: IFFI Online

IFFI ONLINE BY Christal Ferrao With almost everything moved online this year; from ticketing, brochures and schedules, to films, masterclasses, meeting directors and the jury; IFFI 2021 is a whole new experience not just for the delegates but for the organisers as well. The IT department works in the background solving technical errors, website crashes, …

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PAGE 03: The World Needed a Story About Reconnecting

“THE WORLD NEEDED A STORY ABOUT RECONNECTING” By Karishma D’Mello David David’s debut film The Border (2020) is set to screen today, as part of the World Panorama section of films at the International Film Festival of India, 2021. The film follows the journey of an indigenous woman from the Wayuu community in Colombia, subtly …

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