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5 Things to do around IFFI Goa

While the 49th edition of IFFI is jam packed with 212 movie screenings over the span of 9 days, one does somehow manage to find some free time through it. If this is your first time in Goa or your first time at IFFI to be specific, you might want to try out something different and instead of the mainstream tourist activities in and around. So, here are a few things you can try out during your visit to Goa during IFFI 2018: 

1 . Sail into the Sunset with Clube Nautilus de Goa

No trip to Goa can be complete without enjoying a sail through Goa’s waters. And that’s exactly what Clube Nautilus de Goa can help you with. It is one of the leading yacht Charter Companies in Goa who  aim at offering a unique way to experience the wonders of Goa. You may take a sailing trip around the beautiful rivers of Goa while you watch the setting sun or tour around the Grande Island and Mormugao Harbour Bay in South Goa. Click here to experience the serene side of Goa while cruising the sparkling blue water along the Coast.

2 . Tour through the City side with HOHO Goa

If you aren’t one for boats, there is always another option to tour the city of Panjim along with Miramar and Dona Paula. Learn about the heritage of Panjim with the audio-guide on board the Hop- on Hop-off bus tour and visit the scenic beaches, churches and bustling markets that make up this beautiful city.


3.  Shop for Exclusive Handmade Souvenirs from Goa

Quench your inner shopaholic this IFFI 2018 by shopping around the city of Panjim for souvenirs, that are handmade in Goa with love. Get a taste of the local way of shopping and visit the Panjim Market for a unique cultural experience. Shop for authentic Indian Spices, Drum Roasted / Fresh Cashews, Port Wines, Toddy and more that can add the X-Factor to your kitchens.

Apart from these, don’t miss to check out places like the ones listed below : 

  • TERRAVIDA Goa – Handmade Pottery and Ceramics with a touch of Goan influence. Their Pastel coloured tableware and Portuguese collection are one of a kind. 
  • Mario Miranda Gallery – Best place to find products that have the famed Goan Cartoonist – Mario Miranda’s prints on them. Be it quirky T-shirts, Stickers or Fridge Magnets, this is your place to be. 
  • Cocoleni Eyewear Store –  Premium Quality German Eyewear that is crafted using the best possible natural materials.


4. Pay a visit to the Art Galleries around IFFI Goa

Goa is a land full of art and culture, so when you’re in this beautiful state, visit some of the art galleries that showcase the work of brilliantly talented artists from Goa and around the world. Here in Panjim there are a few art galleries such as Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts, Gallery Gitanjali and others that exhibit artwork that is beyond wonderful.


5. Relax and Rewind at Spas around IFFI 2018 venues

After a day of watching movies at IFFI 2018, wind up your day with a visit to the spa and treat your body to a relaxing massage. Feel those muscles loosen up and get charged up once again with the nourishing mineral oils. Visit some of these luxurious spas around Panjim such as  Shape and Shine Salon & Spa, Snip Salon & Spa, Sephora Salon & Spa to name a few.


IFFI Goa takes place in the picturesque city of Panjim from the 20th to the 28th of November. Catch some of the best award winning films across different sections and a multitude of languages only at this years festival. Experience a variety of Masterclasses that have industry leading personalities teaching the audience the tricks of the trade. Do hurry and register now to become an IFFI delegate.


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