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4th European International Book Art Biennale at IFFI Goa 2016



India will be the first Asian country to host an edition of the European International Book Art Biennale! The festival celebrates its 4th edition, and invites everyone; readers, writers, professional book dealers and anyone else interested to come witness this spectacular display. Titled Destiny and Inner Space –Schicksalsraum,’ the exhibition has been curated by Dorothea Fleiss and Yolanda de Souza.

“The word Schicksalsraum comes from the German language. It is one word that means Destiny and Inner Space, in English. It was decided as I am actually from Germany, which some would say makes me German. But I moved to Romania over 30 years ago. So often, I’m the German, or the Romanian, depending on the situation. Who decides that, though? When we talk about space, we mean the distance between our homeland, and our new home. That space, and time, is where you make or meet your destiny,” says Dorothea Fleiss.

With 19 countries participating, many artists are coming down to display their work, and participate. Besides art, the exhibit promotes ‘art books’ which Dorothea says are her way of promoting good ol’ physical books, over their technological versions. EIBAB constantly promotes and encourages all unconventional attitudes about books.
It deals with book-objects, book-installations, one-offs, author’s books, artist’s books, writer’s books, experimental and limited editions, fine press books, accordion books or sculptures – and anything made using the form of a book. All unique books, carefully and unconventionally designed displaying harmony between literature and visual languages, and different modes of expression.

Funds generated from this exhibition will be used to support and inspire underprivileged and special children through art education and an exhibition of their work.
Entry to the event is open to all IFFI delegates, and to registered participants.

If you’re a non-delegate, please register by calling on 9323590051 or 9881568756.