24 Films under Oscar Race for IFFI 2019

In an attempt to glorify films that make us wonder, aspire and fantasize , IFFI 2019 will showcase  24 films which were or are in the race for the Oscars and this speaks for the sterling quality of the films. A sizeable number of the movies are currently in the running for the prestigious Academy Awards  and we can only slow down and revel in them as we await the results.

From the Cannes Jury Prize winning Film Lés Miserables to director Rodd Rathjen’s 2019 drama “Buoyancy” which seamlessly pictures the plight of a young boy held captive to comic caper “It Must Be Heaven” written, directed, produced , narrated by and starring the very versatile ,Elia Suleiman, which takes us on a journey filled with laughs and curiosity – the section has it all.

The IFFI 2019 manifests a collection of movies which set the silver screen ablaze , evident through the exemplar  scripts complemented by stellar performances and more.

  • Hava , Maryam , Ayesha (Afghanistan)
  • Papicha (Algeria)
  • Buoyancy (Australia)
  • Antigone (Canada)
  • Monos (Colombia)
  • The Painted Bird (Czech Republic)
  • Queen of Hearts (Denmark)
  • Stupid Young Heart (Finland)
  • Les Miserables (France)
  • System Crasher (Germany)
  • A White Day / Blanco en Blanco (Iceland)
  • The Steed (Mongolia)
  • Adam (Morocco)
  • Instinct (Netherlands)
  • Out Stealing Horses (Norway)
  • It Must Be Heaven (Palestine)
  • Beanpole (Russia)
  • Atlantics (Senegal)
  • Parasite (South Korea)
  • Pain and Glory (Spain)
  • And Then We Danced (Sweden)
  • Commitment (Turkey)
  • Homeward (Ukraine)

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