PAGE 14: Answering the Peacock’s Call

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By Chloe Cordeiro

Having gotten the call a few days ago, allowing me the opportunity to intern for the International Film Festival Goa’s official newspaper The Peacock, an all-consuming sense of responsibility and purpose seemed to have filled my being; and the last week has been a rush of exciting new things to look forward to.

I realise how hyperbolic that sounds; and deliberately so. My eagerness stemmed from the understanding that I simply was not doing everything I could to really get the best out of my days sitting at home, in the oddly chaotic time which ensued from a certain global pandemic that had its debut last year, and wanted to instead be consumed by something that truly DROVE me.

It could have been the ability to actually get out of my house and head to work every morning to the ESG building in Panjim – determination evident in my pale knuckles as I clutched onto the handles of my joyfully bright red Vespa, making sure I get to work in one piece as I breeze through the streets of Panjim – that gave me the feeling of new life.

Or perhaps it was the daily routine of weaving through traffic and simultaneous unravelling of mummified cobwebs in my mind, that seemed to create a complex fabric of its own – a tapestry, telling of my adventures chatting with visitors at the festival in the most journalistic poise I could muster, rushing a pen across a drawing tablet in the hopes of creating striking illustrations in record time, and strategising a Twitter account!

Regardless, my small role in the putting together of this beautiful newspaper issue, was one I thoroughly enjoyed, one I’ll run back to every chance I get! Working on multiple illustrations with simple guidelines and regular deadlines was more fun that it was ‘work’, I must admit. It would even be considered bragging, admitting that Team Peacock happened to be made up of just about the loveliest, talented set of people you’ll find around – each member of the team bringing something completely new to the table.

When the team says they’re more like a family, one feels it instantaneously – it’s definitely the positive atmosphere that is ever-present in the office, complete with pleasantries exchanged with the most warmth you will ever hear in a voice – that of our managing editor; and the familiarity of each of the members, built up over years of working together on beautiful newspaper issues every year during the Film Festival.

It’s the quick-paced staff around the building who are ever-ready to help out in the IT lab, and a couple of team members in the office who offer to make you a coffee while they’re getting themselves one – an offer I unfortunately had to decline so as to avoid multiple trips to the loo and thus less time to finish my work – that made an alien environment a familiar, comfortable space for a newcomer. Daily laughter was brought to the office by a friendly feud started by a broken chair that was initially shoved in the corner, only to circle back for more rejection as two friends battled for the cushiony seating of the only (functional) swivel-chair in the office. A feud that took place in the form of paper notes being placed delicately on the seat of the rejected chair every single time it made its rounds.

The festival this year was a melange of interesting experiences. Numerous filmmakers were present, some who were attending the festival for the screening of their films, others who had come to network and yet more who were looking for new faces to feature in their upcoming films.

The office, however, remained a safe, quiet space, undisturbed by the activities of the rest of the festival – it was a home to creative intellectuals, attentively sitting at each of their self-assigned cubicles. The air tense, yet relaxed. Busy, engrossed minds lurked behind quiet facades, the deep focus on their tasks at hand almost tangible. It was easy to understand why everyone came into work with a smile on their face and a spring in their step – knowing every day would be a long day, and every day would bring a new adventure, alike.

Working with pros in each of their fields, though initially intimidating, was an exciting experience I was humbled to have had! The past week has been an unreal bustling time, and the values and lessons I’ve acquired will be sticking with me indefinitely. I seem to have found my calling and a larger sense of purpose, in this short span of time, and my mind has been left flowing with ideas and exploding with vibrancy!

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