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At the centre of the festival venue, connecting the Inox multiplex, the Maquinez Palace, and all festival attendees, is the food court. Catered exclusively by ‘The Country Inn by Radisson Hotels’, you see stalls offering a diverse spread of cuisines, from Goan thalis to continental pastas. 

“Indian dishes are time-consuming to create. The people here are in a rush to get from one venue to the other,” says Mininath Dhumal. “They prefer fast food and continental dishes that are quick and filling. So far, the white sauce pasta is a popular choice among the festival attendees. It doesn’t matter where we go; Italian dishes are always a crowd favourite.”

Adjacent to him, Surendra Chandra stands behind a stall dedicated to Indian cuisine. “I like Indian food, and have spent the past few years specializing in Indian dishes,” he says. “I’m from Uttar Pradesh; it’s my first time in Goa. I don’t know a lot about Goan cuisine, but I’ve learned a lot about Goan food and its culture in the last few days. The locals here seem to love their Goan fish thalis.”

However, it’s not just the locals who gravitate to Goan cuisine. “When in Goa, you must try Goan food,” says Ravi Shankar, a festival delegate from Maharashtra. With the rich assortment of sea-food thalis and delectable local vegetarian flavours, the delegates’ apetites for film and food can both be satisfied here, with IFFI in Amche Goa!

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