PAGE 05: We Must Stop Blaming the Past and Move Ahead

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By Christal Ferrao

Manguirish Bandodkar is a young filmmaker from Goa. This 28-year-old has reason to be proud as his film Shivar (The Downpour) has been selected under the Feature Film category and will be screened at the 51st International Film Festival on 23 January. 

He told The Peacock that he was inspired by the film Kadvi Hawa (2017), and described it as a touching experience. “I wanted to work on a film using rain and set it in one location. My film is set in and around a local house. It captures the experience of three generations of sons and their anxieties with rain due to an event in the past. Here, the older generation sees rain as bad luck, while the younger generation wants to let go of this negativity and move on. I see this as a learning. Instead of opting to travel to Mumbai for better opportunities, I decided to return home after studies and begin my journey here. Had I not returned, the film would never have been made and my IFFI dream would not have come true,” Manguirish said. 

This film is a message for the youth to stop brooding over the negativity of the past and move on. He has several people to credit for the film. He is grateful to writer Damodar Mauzo for writing the story. Aditya Suhas Jambhale, whose film Kharvas (2018) was screened at IFFI in 2018, helped with the direction and film poster. Dattaprasad Desai helped him with sound design owing to his experience in films like Section 375 (2019), Dream Girl (2019), and the Baaghi Series. Anushri Saxena, who also  worked in the film Gunjan Saxena: The kargil Girl (2020), did the sound editing. Mahesh Kadam, an assistant of the Marathi director Nagraj Manjule, worked on the visual effects. 

Making a film involves several challenges. Informing The Peacock about these, Manguirish stated that they were not allowed to shoot at the house they initially wanted, but this provided an opportunity to select another better one. Finding accommodation for the team and getting them together during bad weather conditions like a cyclone were other challenges. 

He is inspired by several filmmakers, including Christopher Nolan, Hansel Mehta, Rajkumar Hiran, Aditya Suhas Jambhale, and Miransha Naik. His life can be seen as a story in sync with Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots (2009).Reminiscing about his life as a student, Manguirish told The Peacock that he studied electrical engineering as a college student, but after watching films with keen interest, he wanted to be a filmmaker. He studied filmmaking at Vinson Academy in 2016. 

Manguirish has been watching films at IFFI since ten years. This year is special for him as his film has been selected at this festival for the first time. “Previously, I have participated in the Anti-Tobacco Film Festival and won the 2nd place in 2017. This achievement served as a stepping stone,” Manguirish said. 

Manguirish says, “Goa has several talented people. Filmmaking is a good career option. However, we need a lot of financial support. We need audiences to come and watch our films so that we can make more. Goa happens to be a preferred shooting location for several filmmakers. It will be great if they could involve local talent so that young artists and film enthusiasts can be motivated to choose filmmaking as a career.”

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