8 Amazing Installations seen at IFFI Goa 2016

The decor team of the 47th International Film Festival of India, 2016 worked tirelessly to put together an eye-catching setup. Agencies from all around India were tested on their creativity and the best one was roped in as the art director for the festival. The main theme of this year’s decor was inspired by the concepts of the Japanese crafts; Origami and Kirigami. These forms of art deal with folding and cutting of papers.

Here are a few mind-boggling installations seen at IFFI Goa 2016 which caught the attention of thousands of festival attendees.

Kirigami inspired Peacock Installation 

Right from the designs of the main archway to the small fibre-made peacock statues, the usage of paper cutting models made the installations look very innovative and out of the box.


Mirror Tunnel outside Inox

Cinema reflects life in all its glory. This mirrored tunnel is an ode to that. Lit up beautifully with shades of blue, An archway made of metal plates with mirrored finish adorned the entrance of Inox Screens.  As people walked through it, they were able to see multiple reflections of themselves, creating a kaleidoscopic vision of life.


The Live Statues of Elvis Presley & Marilyn Monroe

Decked up in golden costumes and paints, two street artists were dressed and made to look like real statues at IFFI 2016. Live human statues, featuring the art of ‘still-standing’, are part of the opulent decor nowadays. The two statues resembled the legendary Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Both celebrities, as well as delegates, were amused looking at them. A dedication to the actors who bring the characters from paper to life, these were a live example of the hard work put behind every scene.

The Perfect Frame at Kala Academy

Cinema is a symphony of perfect frames put together to create magic. This piece of art is a tribute to the director’s imagination, the right composition, the perfect frame. Besides it is a whirlpool shaped structure called as Bouquet of Eras. This is an artistic showcase of the illustrious years of world cinema. It takes the visitors on a ride with the evolution of cinema over the years.


3D Projection Mapping at Old GMC Building

3D art is one thing – but what if you made a full building the canvas? Video projection mapping is a technology, introduced to the world only a few years ago.This year at IFFI, this unique technique was used to create a series of visuals on the face of the Old GMC building during the evening hours. Getting the right trick to make the projections align with the building’s features was one of the difficult things that the team pulled off efficiently.

Colourful Canopy of the Food Court

The food court at Inox Courtyard was housed under a canopy made with colourful fabrics. The vibrant colours combined with the rows of fairy lights and lanterns gave the ambience of a starry night to all the delegates dining there. It was a delight to the eyes during the day as well. Rays of sunlight used to fall between the spaces of this covering, creating unique shadow patterns on the floor.

 Food Court in Daylightfood-court-in-daylight

 Food Court at Night

Optical illusions at Kala Academy 

The beautiful and mind-bending 3D installations of the veteran actor, Raj Kapoor and the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley at IFFI were something out of the world. Named as the Eye of the Beholder, these artworks were an interpretation of perspectives, just like cinema. What may look like an intriguing collection of tubular structures magically transforms into the face of an iconic personality.


Cine World Installations on the lawns of ESG

8 feet high wooden frames were erected on the lawns of the Entertainment Society of Goa premises to showcase the multiple aspects of cinema in single frame. Classic lanterns with Desi motifs were just the perfect match for them at nights.

Apart from these 8 interesting installations, here are some more glimpses on our decors, which were just too good to miss out on.

Photos by: Cam-Catches

Post by: Aishwarya Krishnan