Ticketing Policy IFFI Goa 2016


New Ticketing Policy:

Tickets for delegates are issued against the delegate cards, free of cost. Tickets are meant to prevent chaos within the theatre. Please note that a ticket is considered invalid 5 min before show starts, since delegates from the rush line will be allowed to occupy vacant seats, if any.

Each delegate card is RFID chip based. The card shall have a bar code and a unique ID number. Movies attended will be recorded automatically. Failure to cancel the tickets in case of a no show, lead to an automatic reduction of your ticket quota.

While booking tickets, the delegate must present the delegate card at the box office booth. Delegates can only book for themselves, not other delegates.

  1. Every badge holder is entitled to a quota of tickets per day
  •    Cine Enthusiasts and Student Delegates: 3 tickets per day.
  •    Film Professional Delegates: 4 tickets per day.
  •    Media Correspondents/Cameraperson: 5/ 3 tickets per day.
  1. Advance ticket booking is allowed, 2 days prior to a movie. This means, a general delegate can book a maximum of 6 tickets for 2 days in one instant while a media correspondent can book a maximum of 10 tickets.
  2. Cancellation of tickets must be done at least 30 minutes prior to the movie screening. Failure to do so will result in an automatic reduction of the delegate’s ticket quota.
  3. Cancellation of tickets will be done at the Help Desk, only. Help Desks are located at Kala Academy, Maquinez Palace and INOX.

Online Ticket Reservation

  1. Online reservation of tickets will be available. Tickets reserved online will expire if not redeemed at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled screening time.
  2. Booths to redeem online ticket reservations are placed in INOX and named TC7 & TC8.
  3. The next lot of tickets can be reserved only after the redemption of the first. Delegates are thus requested to reserve their tickets accordingly.