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Movie Premieres at IFFI Goa 2016



World Premieres

World Premieres are films that are being screened at the festival, for the first time. Here’s your chance to get the first glimpse at some of the finest cinema IFFI Goa 2016 has to offer.

Aloko Udapadi
Sri Lanka | 2016 | Chathra Weeraman | Sinhala | 130 min |


The film revolves around the story of the Buddha’s dispensation in written form after long centuries of oral tradition, in a turbulent historical context. King Valagamba was overthrown five months after his coronation by a rebellion and invasion from South India, but regained the throne after fourteen years by defeating the invaders.

Don’t Forget About Me
Argentina | 2016 | Fernanda Ramondo | Spanish | 87 min |


This movie is set in Buenos Aires, in a summer in the 30s. Mateo, an ex-anarchist convict, travels around the Pampa in his old truck, carrying stolen hens and in search his lost rooster, The King, which, he hopes will lead him to glory at the cockfights.
Fate faces him with Aurelia and Carmelo, two siblings in search of their father. Uncertain about his final destination, Mateo decides to give them a ride southbound.

The Son of War (Being Awake)
Argentina | 2016 | Spanish | 105 min |


20 year old Santiago lives in the suburbs of a nearby town, away from his family and works as a prostitute for a living. Ernesto, Santiago’s father, who owns a ranch in a neighbouring countryside, discovers the whereabouts of his child and visits him occasionally, only to observe him in silence. One evening, Santiago notices his father watching him from a distance and goes out to meet him. However, Ernesto flees. That night, Santiago is picked up by a hearse driver and after the meeting, he wakes up naked and bruised in the desert.

Venezuela | 2016 | Spanish 110 min |


Tamara is the story of a married lawyer’s journey to overcome his fears and the social boundaries in order to become what he always dreamed: A Woman. He is determined to follow his heart, even though this will turn his whole world upside down and put his life at risk. And thus, his gender reassignment process begins.

International Premiers

Although these films have already been screened in their respective countries; this is the first time these movies will be screened on an international level.

Like Cotton Twines
Ghana | 2016 | English/ Ewe | 98 min |


Micah Brown, an African-American volunteer, takes a teaching job in a remote Ghanaian village, where he meets Tuigi, a 14-year-old girl who is to become Trokosi; slave to the gods,a practice of religious slavery. Accepting her fate, Tuigi’s only desire is to be able to write her General Educational Development (GED) tests. Locked in a battle between history, church and state, Micah is determined to give Tuigi a life outside tradition.

Our Mother
France | 2016 | French | 85 min |


After she decides to venture outside of her neighbourhood for the first time, 70-year-old Zayane Millia sets in motion a series of events that bring her children together for the first time in over ten years, at her house. Meanwhile, Zayane is on a trip with a friend to see her first employer in Algeria.

Alma de Sant Pere
Finland | 2016 | Jarmo Lampela | Spanish | 96 min |


Alma is a young ambitious woman working in her own small company in Barcelona. She is happy in life but constantly dreams of a bigger project that she could work on together with her friends. A project that would bring in their first million. The opportunity finally arises and they buy an old building with a plan to renovate it into luxury apartments. But then arises the question of how to get rid of old tenants without hurting their feelings and without losing your own morals. Alma de Sant Pere is a film about dreams, friendships and human values.

A Dragon Arrives!
Iran | 2016 | Iranian | 105 min


A story about three men who go the remote Iranian island of Qeshm in 1965 to investigate the aftermath of the suicide of a political prisoner.

According to Her
USA| 2016 | English/ French/ Russian | 89 min |


Just before reaching the pinnacle of fame, Veronica happily gives up her career as a pianist to raise her son. Despite constant pressure from her husband Paul, a French stockbroker, she retreats into an indefinite hiatus from performing, while fully enjoying her role as a mother. Without a salary or an independent work identity, Veronica’s dependency on Paul grows and a sense of personal dislocation sets in. The question of going back on stage arises more painfully when she meets Amanda, an alluring, promising, and younger pianist from Paris, who soon falls for Paul.

Keepers of the Magic
Canada/ Brazil/ France/ USA | 2016 | English | 78 min |


Keepers of the Magic celebrates the breathtaking cinematic images that have transfixed audiences around the world. This groundbreaking documentary explores our fascination with moving images and provides insight into how cinema’s most iconic moments came to be. Most of all, it honours the great masters of cinematography, unsung heroes whose vision and talent was always right before our eyes.

Legendary cinematographers including Vittorio Storaro,Philippe Rousselot and Gordon Willis share behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the greatest films of the last 50 years and explain how their individual journeys contributed to their work.

Keepers of the Magic discusses director-cinematographer relationships with world renowned directors such as Sam Mendes (Skyfall) and George Miller (Mad Max: Road to Fury), explaining how great cinematography transports us into another world.