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The IFFI Goa 2016 Guide to Panjim

This IFFI, take some time off  between the screenings and explore the quintessential charm of Panjim, the capital city of Goa. Immerse yourself in the wonders and the rich heritage of this charming city with help of this guide to Panjim. From the Panjim church which has been quite an important location for mainstream Konkani and Bollywood cinema to the Jetty in Dona Paula which makes for a picturesque spot for shoot locations, Panjim has a lot in store. It doesn’t end there, Panjim also has the Miramar beach that is a perfect for a beach stroll and the artsy infrastructure place like Kala Academy to some really quaint cafes by the beach for a perfect sunset to end the day. Keeping the rich tradition of IFFI Goa, we present you with amazing experience of world class cinema, set amidst the heritage charm of Panjim city.